Swank Farm

The venue of the Florida Fruit Festival is very special indeed.  Swank Farm is a 20 acre farm in Loxahatchee, Florida with plenty of space for festival goers to park their cars, camp and go for walks.  The Festival activities all take place within the farm’s 8,000 square foot pole barn.  This awesome structure is the perfect venue for the Florida Fruit Festival!  Rustic and natural the pole barn is an open air structure with no walls yet it offers the perfect protection from    the sun and the rain.  Under the pole barn you will find all the various “zones” that make up the Florida Fruit Festival, zones for children, vendors, food prep, wellness, and healing therapies.  And in the center of the pole barn is the hay circle around which we gather to listen to speakers, to dance and sing and meet new friends.  Join us under the pole barn where all the magic happens!

A 4-day raw vegan fruit based celebration of health for people, animals and the planet with locally grown tree ripened fruit, speakers, classes, workshops, music, dancing, vendors, nature excursions, farm tours and connecting with like minded people committed to healing themselves and the planet.