If you do body work including massage, reflexology, acupuncture…

If you sell eco friendly products that are all natural and biodegradable, vegan, plastic free and free of palm oil…

If you are a non profit organization dedicated to helpling animals and Mother Earth…

Then please email us for a vendor application

Product Vendor

That’s Vivian and part of her partner Paulo! Selling the amazing Aamoraa’s which harmonize harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

Service Vendor

That’s Malik, providing healing touch therapy.

NGO Vendor

That is Rachel, from the Center For Biological Diversity raising awareness of the threats to the natural world and what can be done to help.

A 4-day raw vegan fruit based celebration of health for people, animals and the planet with locally grown tree ripened fruit, speakers, classes, workshops, music, dancing, vendors, nature excursions, farm tours and connecting with like minded people committed to healing themselves and the planet.