Hi there! This is Amy, founder of the Florida Fruit Festival. Thank you for visiting this website and for your interest in the Florida Fruit Festival.  When I started organizing this event in May 2018, putting into place the many pieces of this vision, people keep asking me, “Why am I organizing a fruit festival and why during the summer in the hottest month of the year?”

Well, the simple answer is, because I love fruit! And summertime in southeast Florida is my favorite time of year for tropical fruit abounds.  So many tropical fruits grow locally here in Southeast Florida, some of which I never even heard of before moving to the tropics.  From mango, lychee, pineapple, passion, papaya, guava, banana, to jackfruit, avocado, guanabana, longan, mamay and dragon fruit.  And the list goes on!

Yes, August in Florida is very hot and humid with lots of rain. And I love it! The sultry weather invites you to relax deeply and move slowly. Staying hydrated is key.  Oh what a joy it is to have to drink coconut water and sugar cane juice and eat fruit all day long!  And the warm waters of the great Atlantic Ocean are so inviting.  You can swim for hours, not a chance of getting cold, only more energized and refreshed. There is nothing quite like the healing power of the ocean!

There is another  reason why I started the Florida Fruit Festival and it is due to a strong desire that I have to raise awareness of the most important piece of information which is this:  fruit is the solution to all of our problems, the answer to all our prayers,  the key to making Heaven here on Earth. And this is no exaggeration – it is truth!

In order to heal ourselves and the planet we must eliminate toxins.  There is a very clear path to follow with respect to how this is done.  All we need to do is align with our true nature; in doing so we can heal ourselves and the planet.  It is so exciting to me to know that the path to true health, the path to love, the path to peace is paved in fruit. What a joyful path to follow!

Come along to the Florida Fruit Festival.  Learn more about this path to true health that is paved in fruit.  Connect with like-minded people.  Help build a healthy consciuos global community.  Be informed.  Be educated.  Be inspired. Be empowered.  Share your gifts.  Make the decision to heal yourself; in doing so you are making the decision to heal the planet because everything is totally interconnected.

So see you in August, under the magnificent pole barn at Swank Farm, where all the magic happens!