A Message From The Founder

Hi there!  It’s Amy here, founder of the Florida Fruit Festival. I am often asked, “Why have a started a fruit festival?”  This is why…

When I moved to Florida in 2014 I knew that I arrived somewhere truly special – it felt like coming home. Having lived in cold climates all my life – New York, Boston, Washington DC, and London England – places where you could go for months without sunshine, I was ready for a change.  What immediately struck me about Florida was the heat and the vegetation – the palm trees, flowers and the giant leaves of plants I had never seen before.  The sun shines every morning and thre are fruit trees in my garden!  It truly feels like paradise!

Although at the time I was being told that fruit is harmful to our health and must be avoided.  But that simply did not make any sense to me.  How could the fruit that is dropping from the trees in my garden be bad for me to eat?!  And so I let go of what I was being told and followed my inner wisdom.  I started eating the food that my body was craving – fruit!  And the more fruit I ate, the better I started to feel.

I found out about Dr. Morse and his teachings resonated deeply with me.   Listening to him speak the hair on my arms stands up as my entire body responds to his words of truth. In 2015 I took Level I and II and became a certified detox specialist.  It is with great satisfaction and pleasure that I can now truly help people heal naturally through diet and lifestyle.  Myself included!

Realizing that the path to true health is paved in fruit, I feel incredibly blessed to be living in Florida where our food source grows naturally.  There is incredible variety in the world of fruits – mangos alone have over 500 varieties!  Before moving to Florida I had never even heard of many of these fruits.  And it is truly amazing the bounty of food that comes from just one fruit tree.

Crazy in love with fruit I was keen to go to fruit festivals.  But it just seemed crazy silly for me to travel from Florida to upstate NY to eat tropical fruit from Florida.   So in 2018 I just decided to start my own fruit festival.

So one of the reasons for starting this fruit festival is simply because I love fruit!  And summertime in southeast Florida is my faorite time of year for tropical fruit abounds.  So many delicious fruits grow here, some of which I never even heard of before moving to the tropics.  Mangos, lychees, pineapple, passion, papaya, guava, banana, jackfruit, avocado, guanabana, longan, mamay, and dragon fruit.  And the list goes on!

Yes, August in Florida is very hot and humid with lots of rain – and I love it! The sultry weather invites you to relax deeply and move slowly. Staying hydrated is key.  Oh what a joy it is to have to drink coconut water and sugar cane juice and eat fruit all day!  And to swim in the warm waters of the great Atlantic Ocean.  You can swim for hours, not a chance of getting cold, only more energized and rejuvenated. There is nothing quite like the healing power of the ocean.

In addition to my love of fruit with respect to how it tastes and feels in my body, the reason why I started a fruit festival and that is because I have come to realize something very important and I want to share with the world.  That is, fruit is the solution to all of our problems, the answer to all our prayers,  the key to making Heaven here on Earth. This is no exaggeration, it is truth!

Once you rememeber what it is that we are designed by nature to eat, then you realize that all of our health problems, environmental problems, societal problems, all stem from the fact that we have been consuming the wrong food for centuries.

Simply by eating the food we are designed to eat based on our biology, physiology and chemistry we can fix all our problems.

There is a simple clear path to follow with respect to health and healing.  All we need to do is simply eat the food we are designed by nature to eat – this is how we heal ourselves and the planet.

It is so exciting to me to know that the path to true health, the path to love, the path to peace is paved in fruit!   What a joyful and delicious path to follow!

Come along to the Florida Fruit Festival!  Learn more about this path to true health, connect with likeminded people and help build a truly healthy conscious global community.  Be informed, be transformed, be educated, be inspired, be empowered!  And remember, by making the decision to heal yourself you are making the decision to heal the planet because everything is totally interconnected.

So see you in August under the magnificent pole barn at Swank Farm where all the magic happens!

Sending sweet fruit and love,


A 4-day raw vegan fruit based celebration of health for people, animals and the planet with locally grown tree ripened fruit, speakers, classes, workshops, music, dancing, vendors, nature excursions, farm tours and connecting with like minded people committed to healing themselves and the planet.