Florida Fruit Festival

A gathering of health conscious people committed to healing themselves and the planet.

Unlimited Tropical Fruit

Local, organically grown, tree ripened and freshly picked.

Awesome Venue

Join us under the pole barn at Swank Farm, where all the magic happens.

Fresh Sugar Cane

Harvested daily and delivered fresh by the farmer himself then pressed into a delicious elixir.

Hay Circle Gatherings

Intimate talks on health, healing, detoxification, animal rights and  sustainable living.

Group Healing Sessions

Crystal singing bowls and chanting.

August 6-9th 2020

Swank Farm

Loxahatchee, Florida

Florida Fruit Festival 2020

Tickets Now On Sale!  

Join us for a post festival Permaculture Retreat!

 For more information contact HartHealthyFarmLLC@gmail.com

What makes the Florida Fruit Festival so special…

The Fruit

Tree ripened, locally sourced and organically grown, and freshly picked within a few days of the festival start date the fruit is outstanding.  All the fruit is Florida grown, all within a 100 mile radius of the festival and much of it within walking distance to the festival venue.

The Talks

Intimate talks around the hay circle, a safe comfortable space where you can learn and grow, ask questions and express yourself freely.

The People

All ages, all backgrounds, all walks of life.  From various states and various countries, with various experiences in life.  Everyone is welcome to come to the Florida Fruit Festival!

The Venue

A rustic country setting in Southeast Florida that takes you back in time connecting you with nature and the land.  Join us under the magnificent pole barn in Loxahatchee where all the magic happens!

The Dinners

All Raw!  All Vegan!  Nearly All Fruit! Prepared by raw vegan chefs, the amazing dinner salads are all fruit-based like this photo of Jackfruit Ceviche – YUM!  The salads include fruit vegetables and greens and are dressed in light fruit based sauces completely free of oils, nuts and seeds.

The Commitment

Commited to zero waste, the Florida Fruit Festival is free of single use plastic and disposable products.  All the organic waste is composted on site.  Our carbon footprint is minimal as we source all the fruit from local farms many of which are practically walking distance to the venue.

The Sugar Cane Juice

Freshly pressed with manual juicer and lots of love!  Served in glass mugs with glass or bamboo straws, fresh ginger and lime. A delicious thrist quenching drink that alkalizes and revitalizes!

The Ocean

Each morning we go to the beach for sunrise.  We pick up plastic (which we take back to the farm for the Eco-Art Project), practice yoga, bathe in the sun and swim in the warm water of the Atlantic Ocean.  A blissful way to start the day!

The Meaning

Raising awareness of environmental problems like plastic pollution and inspiring people to stand up and be activists empowering them to be part of the solution is a cornerstone of the festival.

The Weather

August in southeast Florida is hot and humid.  Just relax into it – it feels great!  The sultry tropical weather envelopes your body like a warm embrace and is deeply relaxing.  While the sun is hot, it is nice and cool under the pole barn.

A 4-day raw vegan fruit based celebration of health for people, animals and the planet with locally grown tree ripened fruit, speakers, classes, workshops, music, dancing, vendors, nature excursions, farm tours and connecting with like minded people committed to healing themselves and the planet.